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The contents of the world are not just there for the knowing but have to be grasped with suitable mental machinery. 

Whitehat Media assists brands in reputation management with growth driven performance, innovation, creativity and kickass technology using the right machinery. Our experienced team has handled domestic and International clients with equal finesse.


We believe in the thoughts of William Blake: "There are things known, and things unknown: in between are the doors." We just help you open them.

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Digital Marketing

Businesses of every shape and size can achieve powerful benefits through effective use of digital marketing methods.  The cost of digital marketing can be tailored to each specific business, stripping many barriers to entry of traditional methods. With so many benefits available for just about any budget, it makes sense to partner with us and see the change in your business. 

KEYWORDS : Social media marketing; Content marketing; Search engine marketing; Social media contests



Thomas John Watson Jr. was an American businessman, political figure, Army Air Forces pilot, and philanthropist. 2nd company president of IBM, the 16th United States Ambassador to the Soviet Union. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964. Fortune called him "the greatest capitalist in history" and Time listed him as one of "100 most influential people of the 20th century".

We didn't, but he said, "Good design is good business." We just follow the principle for our clients.

KEYWORDS: Logo design, Social media posts; Newsletters; Emailers; Books; Magazines; Brochures; Letterheads; Business Cards; Websites; Banners; Posters; Live posters; GIFs; Presentations; Style manual et. al.



Put yourself in a receptive frame of mind [a bottle of Scotch helps] and draw or write something without consciously thinking. That’s much more difficult than it seems. The hope is that the resulting scrawl or wordage produces an unpredictable image to develop into something new and original (Alan Fletcher). But does Automatism work? We all know what light is; but it is not easy to tell what light is (Dr.Johnson). Words are so irrevocably stamped into our psyche they mislead us into thinking that what they are and what they symbolise, are one and the same. We know the word dog doesn’t bite, but can be momentarily baffled when asked where our lap went when we stand up, or our fist when we open our hand. Words are labels attached to ideas. Writing is the geometry of the soul (Plato). And as Don Marquis suggested, an idea is not responsible for people who believe in it.

So bring on your ideas, and we will put them into words that exactly mean what you choose it to mean… neither more nor less.

KEYWORDS: Articles; Social media text; Press Release; Website content; Blog; Catch-line; Nomenclature



It is almost impossible to define music. However, most describe it as significant arrangement of sounds. Sound travels slower through air than by water. But it travels faster through music to the hearts of the listeners. Audio plays a vital role to enhance the experience of any visual. It places you right at the center of the action. Or, it may throw you out of the game. The thin line is between applying the right frequency to the right occasion. Funny, we have a music room in our office with more than 20 instruments from around the world.

KEYWORDS: Voice-over; Original score; Radio; Jingle; Narration; Background score; Vocals; Arrangement



Our objective is to bring your vision into the frames and give form to your ideas which you can showcase to everyone. After all, what we see is what we believe. 

KEYWORDS: Video post; Documentary; Film; Edit; DI; Colour; Corporate Film; Advertisement; DIY video; Training video; Medical video; Interview; Television

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