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Priyam is a dynamic multi-tasker and experiments with his talent and skills to build a pool of diverse experiences that he can always make good use of going forward. Starting a career in a television channel as a news presenter-producer, he went on to work in documentaries, travel shows, health shows and feature films, to working in  production

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June is a leading travel journalist with 25 years of diverse media experience. She has worked with over 75 countries in tourism promotion, contributing to their marketing and publicity campaigns and helping shape their media communications. A trailblazing career working in top media organisations spanning television, exhibition, conference, print, and digital has positioned her as a unique strategist in the international travel and tourism industry.

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June Mukherjee


She is a graduate in Political Science from Presidency College (now University), Kolkata and a post-graduate in Film Studies from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. With a CNN Journalism Fellowship under her belt, June is also the visiting external examiner for Journalism, Mass Communication & Videography at St. Xavier’s College (now University), Kolkata. A strong advocate of freedom of speech and equal opportunity, June roots for sustainable tourism and responsible media. 

Priyam Biswas


houses at the helm. After working in media for over 15 years, he changed his track deciding to work in healthcare starting with a hospital and quickly reached a leadership role of CEO for his excellent crisis management capacity. During the entire span of Covid-19 pandemic, he led his hospital from the frontline. A graduate in Information Technology from Visva Bharati, he quickly enrolled himself to complete a Masters in Hospital Administration for a better understanding of healthcare management. Always updated with the latest technology in the market and its best use in the professional workspace, Priyam believes in simple principles of life: smile and happiness for all. 

June is a credit to our travel and tourism industry. Her wealth of experience in journalism is matched with strong in-depth knowledge of international & sustainable tourism. She is an industry influencer whose opinion I do value.


Carl Vaz

Skal International India


Riaz Munshi

(Outbound Tour Operators Association of India)

June is one of the most dedicated journalists and media professionals in the travel and tourism industry. Her passion for travel and extensive knowledge reflects in her well-crafted articles. She is also someone who never shies away from raising and supporting the industry’s concerns and sharing her valuable insights as a travel analyst and industry influencer.


I have known June for nearly a decade now. She is an excellent media professional, very professional, and great at her job. She has always been the most cooperative and supportive in any of the initiatives we had undertaken. It has always been a pleasure working with June. 

Arzan Khambatta

Global Head - Tourism Services

VFS Global


I have known June for many years in her various professional roles and seen her deep involvement in the overall tourism industry affairs. As a leading travel journalist of our industry, June adds value to any travel and tourism-related matter she gets involved in and acts as an industry influencer towards sustainable tourism development. 

Jyoti Mayal



(Travel Agents Association of India) 


Hiya Mukherjee


Pinaki Biswas


Pinaki holds 40 years' of administrative and entrepreneurial skills with special interest in sustainable allocation of resources, funds and maintenance of transparent business transactions. With a high level of problem-solving aptitude, he worked in national banks, top hospitals and ventured into projects that had interested him i.e. specialised cancer clinic and printing press. A strong believer and practitioner of the DIY-approach, he prefers to take on new challenges and enjoy life with more focus on finance management.

Hiya started her career as a member of the Junior Editorial Board of The Times of India where she honed her writing skills as a school student. A passionate debater; she reads a lot, follows all global issues with minute detail and analyses the subject at hand before forming any opinion. She went on to study Political Science, Economics and Sociology to grab an in-depth understanding of the world affairs. The Gen Z expert filters and reviews content of solid substance towards a better future with exceptional logical sense and analytical skill. A constant source of correct information and a strong advocate of right to equality, Hiya believes that knowledge is power.

Debasish Roy


With a vast experience of 28 years spread across all platforms of electronic media, Debasish has grown into a multitasking audio-visual person. Equally skilled in camera, editing and DI, he contributes in the production with strong sense of commitment and deadline. Debasish started his career as a video editor in television serials and over the time evolved himself with modern gadgets contributing into numerous documentaries, corporate films, current affairs programmes and special event coverage of national and international repute.

Mrityunjay Kumar


Having worked in a couple of corporate companies in their web development team, Mrityunjay learned the smart techniques of navigation of all micro matters related to websites and server management. He has developed and manages many websites with seasoned ease on various platforms. A Computer Application graduate, Mrityunjay has nearly 8 years of experience in web management and is always up-to-date with the latest technology in the market.

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